Monday, 28 January 2013

Historic Bath

The city of Bath is steeped in history. In 1987 the city itself was recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for it’s historical significance, with it’s origins dating back to the Roman occupation of Britain some 2000 years ago. Since it’s creation, the city has witnessed a great many changes and has been home to many influential people. Today marks the 200th anniversary of the publication of Pride and Prejudice, created by one of Bath’s most famous daughters: Jane Austen. So for this blog we thought we’d highlight some of the historical attractions found in the City of Bath.

The Roman Baths
Home to Britain’s only hot spring which is surrounded by the magnificent Roman built temple and bathing complex the baths are one of the UK’s major attractions. Follow in the footsteps of the Romans and relax and unwind with one of the baths spa packages.

Jane Austen House
Recently redeveloped thanks to a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund the home of the world renowned author is open to the public. A fantastic experience for fans and non-fans alike the house is where Jane Austen spent the last years of her life, creating some of her most notable works.

Bath Abbey
The last of the great medieval churches of England and over 500 years old Bath Abbey is an incredible sight to behold. The site itself has been home to many churches which have come and gone for over 1000 years. Open for tours on every day apart from Sunday and boasting unrivaled views of the city from atop the 212 step tower the Abbey is a must for those in the city.

Mentioned in last week’s blog and under an hour away from the centre of Bath is  Avebury, recently voted the second best World Heritage Site in the World. Home to Europe’s largest stone circle dating back nearly 4000 years don’t miss out on opportunity to step back into Britain’s mysterious past.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Second Best UNESCO World Heritage Site in the World

There are 962 UNESCO World Heritage Sites dotted around our planet. These 926 sites contain some of the world’s most recognisable and awe-inspiring locations, deemed to have universal value, forming part of our collective cultural and natural heritage as a race. Amongst the UNESCO World Heritage Sites you will find iconic landmarks such as the pyramids of Egypt, the Taj Mahal of India and Peru’s Machu Picchu.

The United Kingdom is home to 28 Heritage sites and amongst them is Avebury which was recently voted the second best heritage site, not in the country, but the world! A team of experts from Which? Travel magazine placed Avebury in Wiltshire second only to Mexico's Monte Alban.

Dating back roughly 4000 years the largest stone circles in Europe, which attract more than a quarter of a million visitors each year, were judged on 25 criteria including preservation of the site and visitor experience. Wiltshire Council's Stuart Wheeler said: "We have always known we have a wonderful piece of history on our doorstep and now we have official confirmation.  Being placed second only to Mexico in providing visitors with the best heritage site experience in the world is a wonderful accolade."

As previously mentioned, the UK has 28 Heritage sites dotted up and down the kingdom. These incredible attractions are often found right on our doorstep and make for a great destination if you’re looking for a hassle free weekend break! We have a great variety of properties available across the UK, many near UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Please visit our website for full accommodation listings:

Monday, 14 January 2013

How the British Travel

Everyone loves a holiday! But the preparation can be a pretty stressful time. There’s so much to organise and remember. You write checklists for the essentials that your holiday simply cannot function without: passports, socket adapter, books, teabags - wait.

Yes you read that right. We Brits love a cup of tea, we rank among the top tea drinkers in the world, especially as we supposedly will not travel around without our tea! Research has found that almost a third of British holidaymakers always pack tea bags to accompany them on their travels. The survey questioned 2000 people on their travel habits and resulted in a few more surprising results.

Packing came under scrutiny from the research, providing an insight into the national approach to holidays. It would appear we are a nation of strict suitcases packers as well!
Joanna Wild, from The Co-operative Travel “It’s not just what we pack, it’s how we pack too. Brits seem to have strict rules for folding or rolling, layering and ordering items inside their case”. Are you a stickler for tetris like packing when it comes to holidays, is there always a box of tea packed? Let us know in the comments section below!

Monday, 7 January 2013

Visit England Holiday at Home Campaign!

Last week the National Tourist Board, VisitEngland, announced the launch of their new marketing campaign set to run throughout January and March. The campaign will be aimed at inspiring British holidaymakers to ditch their passports, Euros etc. and stay in England.

Aimed particularly at families staying in self-catered accommodation the campaign will aim to capitalise on the wave of patriotism sweeping the country in the wake of a very British 2012. VisitEngland research shows that 60% of British people feel more proud to be British as a result of 2012.

Tim Holt, VisitEngland’s Head of Marketing said: “The self-catering sector is incredibly important to domestic tourism – 5.6 million overnight domestic holidays were taken in a rented property last year generating £1.8 billion in tourism spend.  

Here at Travelling Suitcase we specialise in self-catering holiday accommodation. You can save up to 40% by choosing a self-catering holiday and with so much to do and see in Britain, 2013 is shaping up to be a great year to holiday at home!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Years In the UK!

Happy New Year Readers! We are now in 2013 and with a new year year comes more potential for travelling! We hope that you had a good time ringing in the new year wherever and however you were celebrating the arrival of 2013. For this blog, we thought we’d look back at two of the best New Years celebrations that took place across the UK. Keep them in mind for next year or let us know if you were there!
Edinburgh’s Hogmanay
This year Edinburgh saw some 75,000 people celebrate the arrival of 2013 with a fireworks display from the castle ramparts. Weather conditions were reported as ‘perfect’ for the sold-out celebrations which began with a torchlight procession watched by an estimated 35,000 people Sunday night and ended  on the 2nd of January.

London’s Firework Display
It was estimated that about 250,000 people were in the city to watch the show which ended with a spectacular fireworks display. Lasting 11 minutes and featuring 12,500 fireworks the display lit up the riverside landmarks of the capital and was viewed by millions around the world, as well as by those attending!

Let us know how you spent your New Years eve and don’t forget to check back here again next week! Happy New Year once again!