Monday, 25 February 2013

The Staycation

Choosing where to go on your holidays can be quite a tricky choice, you have the whole world to choose from after all. But have you ever considered holidaying at home? The Staycation, a blending of the words stay and vacation to go along with the spork and the liger has become somewhat of a UK phenomena.

There are many advantages to choosing to take a staycation. For one staycations cost far less than holidays that involve great amounts of travelling as you will only be travelling within the UK! Less travel invariably means less stress: less packing, no currency exchange. On top of this you’ll also have the added knowledge that you are placing money back into the UK economy!

In a survey carried out by the English Tourist Board (VisitEngland) provided an insight into what was fueling the sudden rise in the numbers of people choosing to stay in England. Listed below are some of the findings from the survey which was carried out in late 2012:

  • 1 in 10 people cut their holiday spending by choosing England rather by abroad
  • Most people choosing to holiday in England are motivated by discovering new places
  • 6 in 10 feel more proud to be British as a result of the 2012 events
  • 14% changed holiday plans as a result of the 2012 events
  • Leaving a lasting legacy 2 in 10 people felt more likely to take holidays in England in the future.

The UK has an incredible array of attractions, both manmade and natural and with all this available on our doorsteps choosing to take a holiday in the UK is an opportunity not to be missed. Here at Travelling Suitcase we have a great selection of properties located all over our isle, everyone of which is near to a major attraction! Check out our range of properties here:

Monday, 18 February 2013

Benefits of Renting Out Your Holiday Home

For this weeks blog post we thought we’d provide a little more information to those with holiday homes. The staycation has become a very popular travel choice for Britons over the past years. WIth the feel-good British sentimentality of the jubilee and Olympics still alive in the public consciousness millions of us Brits are choosing to stay at home in Britain for our holidays. For holiday home owners this is an opportunity too good to miss, the demand for UK holiday homes is enormous! Away from the demand there are also many other benefits to renting out your holiday home, some of which are listed below:

  • The most obvious incentive is the financial benefit. You aren’t going to be living in your holiday home 365 days a year so you might as well turn that empty property into money!

  • Use the money gathered from renting out your holiday home to take trips elsewhere! As nice as your holiday home may be you may occasionally wish to travel to horizons new.

  • Although you may be concerned about letting others stay in your property, there are benefits granted by insurers. They are often of the opinion that it is better to have someone in the property than leaving it unoccupied for large portions of the year.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Valentine's Day UK

It’s Valentine’s Day on Thursday and there’s still time to book that romantic getaway for two in the UK. Why travel abroad when you can experience a great getaway in the UK this coming weekend. For this blog post we thought we’d forget Paris and Vienna and share with our readers some of the UK’s most romantic getaways.

  • Mid-Wales allows couples to get away from “it all” and back to nature. With miles of pristine coastline and the magnificent Snowdonia National Park nearby couples will get a chance to spend some quality time together, alone. The Welsh word for love is ‘cariad’ by the way.

  • The South-West of England has so much to offer couples. A visit to Exmoor National Park, recently designated an International Dark Sky Reserve (the first in Europe and the second in the World to receive the designation) will provide couples with some of the clearest skies in the UK.

  • If you fancy travelling a little further North into Scotland then St. Andrews makes for a great getaway. Ruined castles for princes and princesses clinging to the cliff top adorn the picturesque little town. As an added royal link St. Andrews is also where Prince William and Kate Middleton first met and fell in love.

We have a great variety of properties available up and down the UK, including in the areas mentioned above. So if you are still looking for somewhere to spend the coming Valentine’s weekend with the one you love then please have a look at our range of properties here :

Monday, 4 February 2013

Richard III and Other Royals

This morning it was announced that in an unassuming car park in Leicester the skeleton of Richard III, one time King of England was found. Experts from the University of Leicester, who have been working on the find for some time confirmed today that the skeleton is ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ that of Richard III. Where the remains of Richard III will be laid to rest is yet to be decided but for our blog we share the Telegraph’s list to some of the UK’s royal resting places.

Westminster Abbey
The, must visit, for those looking to visit the resting places of royals. Found in the centre London the Abbey, the centuries old Abbey houses the remains of many of the UK’s most famous royals. It is the resting place of Edward the Confessor, Henry V and Elizabeth to name a few. The Abbey also contains the remains of unroyal but by no means unimportant historic figures such as Charles Darwin and Isaac Newton.

Glastonbury Abbey
The ruins of Glastonbury Abbey still stand in Somerset. Founded in the 7th Century the Abbey is now a grade 1 listed building and the resting place of Edmund I, Edgar and Edmund Ironside; all of which have laid there for nearly a millennia! There are also claims that the legendary King Arthur came to rest at the Abbey and although unproven the mystery surrounding the legend is still a great draw.  

St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle
Open to visitors as part of a wider visit to Windsor Castle St George’s Chapel is home to dozens of the Royal Family. Henry VI, Henry VIII and George VI are all to be found at the chapel and you can visit the magnificent  Windsor Castle after you have visit the Chapel as bonus.