Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Guest Post: Crabbing in the UK!

Crabbing is a fun activity that people of any age can enjoy!
If you don't know what crabbing is, it's a popular summer pastime in the UK. All you need is a crab line (which looks like a kite spool or you can make your own with a stick) and some bait which could be fish or bacon or any sort of meat...the smellier, the better! You cast your line over the side of the sea wall and see if any crabs are hungry. A bucket of water nearby is handy to put the crabs in so you can see how successful you've been before you throw them back.

  • Once you've found a good spot let down your line so it's touching the sea bottom. Pull it tight and wrap it around your finger so you will feel if a crab pulls on it.
  • Leave it for a good few minutes before pulling it up – crabs need a bit of coaxing. Being patient will pay off.
  • When you feel a bite, pull it up slowly enough so that the crab doesn't fall off from the speed, but not too slowly that the crab has eaten all the bait and decided to drop back into the sea.
  • Don't keep them in the bucket for too long as they don't like being so close to each other and will probably end up fighting at some point. Also keep them out of sunlight as they aren't accustomed to it.
  • The best time to go crab fishing is the end of summer (Aug-Sep) as the crabs are bigger then.

You haven't lived until you've tried crab fishing! Grab a line and a bucket and visit one of these best places in the UK to go crab fishing:

Beaumaris Pier, Anglesey, North Wales
Beaumaris is a historic sea town with lots to see, making it perfect for a family day out. The pier attracts as many as 1,000 people a day and is great for catching crabs and there's even a little shop at the end of the pier when you can buy your line, weight and bait.

West Mersea, Essex
West Mersea has been a favourite amongst 'crabbers' for quite some time. The best place to catch them is off the floating pontoon. One side of the pontoon can be better than the other, depending on the tides so find out which one if you want to be more successful. Many boats drive up to the pier to moor so be aware of this while you're crabbing.

Mudeford Quay, Dorset
Head to The Fish Stall to buy cheap leftover fish to use as bait. The good spots get taken up quickly so don't arrive too late! There's a cafĂ© and pub nearby if you're in need of a break. You can also take the ferry from the Quay to Mudeford Sandbank or go for a nice stroll.

Dartmouth, Devon
Along the embankment is a great crabbing spot and you get an awesome view of the River Dart. When you're done with crabbing why not take a ride in The Picnic Boat where you'll see the sights and be offered a nice platter of tasty foods. Don't forget to book in advance though!

Blakeley Quay, Norfolk
The historic quay provides a great crabbing opportunity and the area around it is actually National Trust land so be prepared to see lots of birds and seals there because of the nature reserve.

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Monday, 25 March 2013

Places to Spend This Easter Weekend

This weekend is the weekend many people all over the UK have been looking forward to ever since the Christmas holidays came to a close some 3 months ago. With 2 bank holidays on the calendar this Friday and next Monday this weekend is a great weekend for a nice long Easter weekend break. We have some brilliant holiday properties available all over the UK this weekend and so we thought we’d recommend what we believe would be the best places to spend this Easter weekend. The odds are that it will be a White Easter, so wrap up warm!

Mid Wales
At the heart of Easter is the idea of rebirth and new life. What better place to witness the burst of life that spring brings than in rural mid-Wales. The area provides some fantastic landscapes for a lovely back-to-basics day out including the Llyn Peninsula and the Snowdonia National Park where you will be sure to see Daffodils flowering and lambs frolicking.

The Lake District
Aside from boasting some of the UK’s most breathtaking scenery, surely to be covered in a glistening white sheen this weekend, the district is home to The World Of Beatrix Potter. The landscape itself inspired many of the books and this Easter weekend the attraction is allowing visitors to join Peter Rabbit in a forage for 50 limited edition ceramic eggs; which will be hidden around the lakes and waterways of Windermere.

The National Trust
For this one we thought we’d leave you with a little choice. Once again this year, for the sixth year running Cadbury has teamed up with the National Trust to create Easter Egg Trails in over 250 national trust locations across the country. We have properties located near many of the UK’s National Trust locations. Find an Easter egg trail here and find a place to stay here, perfect!

We hope the severe weather subsides by the time this weekend rolls around but if it doesn't, remember to check for weather and traffic updates before you head off!

Monday, 18 March 2013

English Tourism Week!

This week we are dedicating our blog post to celebrating English Tourism Week! English Tourism Week runs from the 16th March to the 24th of March and so we’re taking the opportunity to celebrate the week as it runs by. The week was created to raise the profile of tourism within the UK, increase awareness amongst consumers and provide a framework from which destinations and operators can their campaigns.

England is a fantastic place to take your holiday. The country is filled with world famous landmarks and attractions but it is also famed for its landscapes and culture.

Tourism in England is a major part of the economic structure of the country with many of the villages, towns and cities in the country offering something for the would be tourist keen on visiting.

In total there are 17 designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites in England which include world famous landmarks such as Stonehenge and the Tower of London. Blessed with natural beauty England boasts 15 national parks which provide some of the best scenery the whole of the UK has to offer. The English love a trip to the seaside and with good reason, there are 69 Blue Flag awarded blue flag beaches dotted around the scenic coastline of England.

We were tempted to write a list of some of the best places to spend a holiday in England but we just couldn’t bring ourselves to choose what to include, we were spoilt for choice! Let us know where you think the best places to holiday in England are in the comments below. Don’t forget to check out our site if you’re planning on holidaying in England!

Monday, 11 March 2013

The UK's Beaches

It’s no secret that we here in the UK enjoy a trip to the seaside. As an island nation we spoilt for choice when it comes to where we’ll be taking our bucket and spade to when we have the desire to feel the sand between our toes. Our beaches are not just rolled out at summer, they're there all year long and can be enjoyed just as much in the winter months as in the summer; surfers will probably tell you the winter is better!

When it comes to beaches we are blessed with both quantity and quality here in the UK. A Blue Flag is awarded to a beach or marina that meets strict high standards. England has 69 blue flag beaches, Wales has 40, Northern Ireland has 11 and Scotland has 5!

But the beaches of the UK are receiving accolades beyond their blue flag rewards. Recently beaches in both England and Wales were recognised by international bodies for their quality.

Recently Porthminster Beach in St Ives, Cornwall has been voted as not only one of the top three beaches in the UK but as one of the top ten in Europe. The poll which was conducted by holiday website TripAdvisor chose the family friendly half mile stretch of golden sand to the delight of the people of the area.  The area is an incredible place to take a holiday in the UK, whatever your age or interest. We have a wide range of properties available in Cornwall, take a look!