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Guest Post: Crabbing in the UK!

Crabbing is a fun activity that people of any age can enjoy!
If you don't know what crabbing is, it's a popular summer pastime in the UK. All you need is a crab line (which looks like a kite spool or you can make your own with a stick) and some bait which could be fish or bacon or any sort of meat...the smellier, the better! You cast your line over the side of the sea wall and see if any crabs are hungry. A bucket of water nearby is handy to put the crabs in so you can see how successful you've been before you throw them back.

  • Once you've found a good spot let down your line so it's touching the sea bottom. Pull it tight and wrap it around your finger so you will feel if a crab pulls on it.
  • Leave it for a good few minutes before pulling it up – crabs need a bit of coaxing. Being patient will pay off.
  • When you feel a bite, pull it up slowly enough so that the crab doesn't fall off from the speed, but not too slowly that the crab has eaten all the bait and decided to drop back into the sea.
  • Don't keep them in the bucket for too long as they don't like being so close to each other and will probably end up fighting at some point. Also keep them out of sunlight as they aren't accustomed to it.
  • The best time to go crab fishing is the end of summer (Aug-Sep) as the crabs are bigger then.

You haven't lived until you've tried crab fishing! Grab a line and a bucket and visit one of these best places in the UK to go crab fishing:

Beaumaris Pier, Anglesey, North Wales
Beaumaris is a historic sea town with lots to see, making it perfect for a family day out. The pier attracts as many as 1,000 people a day and is great for catching crabs and there's even a little shop at the end of the pier when you can buy your line, weight and bait.

West Mersea, Essex
West Mersea has been a favourite amongst 'crabbers' for quite some time. The best place to catch them is off the floating pontoon. One side of the pontoon can be better than the other, depending on the tides so find out which one if you want to be more successful. Many boats drive up to the pier to moor so be aware of this while you're crabbing.

Mudeford Quay, Dorset
Head to The Fish Stall to buy cheap leftover fish to use as bait. The good spots get taken up quickly so don't arrive too late! There's a cafĂ© and pub nearby if you're in need of a break. You can also take the ferry from the Quay to Mudeford Sandbank or go for a nice stroll.

Dartmouth, Devon
Along the embankment is a great crabbing spot and you get an awesome view of the River Dart. When you're done with crabbing why not take a ride in The Picnic Boat where you'll see the sights and be offered a nice platter of tasty foods. Don't forget to book in advance though!

Blakeley Quay, Norfolk
The historic quay provides a great crabbing opportunity and the area around it is actually National Trust land so be prepared to see lots of birds and seals there because of the nature reserve.

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